The True Cost of Doing Payroll Yourself

Doing your payroll in-house may seem like a simple way to save money, but is it really?

Your time is money when dealing with your business’s payroll. The cost of DIY payroll may surprise you, especially when one simple filing error could exceed your savings.

True Cost of DIY
TaskTime (Hours per Month)Your Hourly RateCost
Time Sheets2-3$85.00$170.00-$255.00
Employee Deductions1-2$85.00$85.00-$170.00
Payroll Tax Administration3-4$85.00$255.00-$340.00
Payroll Tax Remittance1-2$85.00$85.00-$170.00
Pay Issuance1-2$85.00$85.00-$170.00
Total per Month8-13 hours times$85.00 per hour= $680.00 - $1,105.00 monthly

Time estimates based on biweekly-issued payroll for 10 employees. Hourly rate calculated on average hourly billing rate.

Payroll Services with Crippen & Co. include remitting the required tax payments as well as preparing all year-end forms. Customize your payroll processing with direct deposit, paperless processing, accounting software integration, and detailed employer reports.

Are you ready to start saving money?