Audit & Assurance

Your team at Crippen & Co. comes equipped with many years of experience to help you feel confident and secure.

We partner with for-profit private companies, non-profit entities, and governmental bodies of all sizes to provide efficient and accurate audit and assurance services. Our team will ensure your financial statements are in conformity with GAAP or other comprehensive bases of accounting.

Our external peer review results support our promise to perform audit and assurance services with the utmost quality and integrity. Review it here.

Financial Statement Audits
Our client base is made up of a variety of large and small businesses in many industries including manufacturing, distribution, construction, agriculture, as well as governmental bodies and non-profit organizations. At all levels and in all types of entities, our Audit Engagements offer the highest level of assurance possible for financial statements. These engagements include a thorough analysis of your financial statements, internal controls, and the intricacies of your organization. Combine the health of your financial statements with a Crippen & Co. audit opinion to ease the concerns of and instill confidence in third parties like lending institutions, granting organizations, and potential merger/acquisition participants.

Our Audit Team will use state-of-the-art audit software to allow them to conduct the most efficient analysis of your entity’s data. This timesaving technology will give our auditors the opportunity to review the information in ways that will enrich the value of their findings to you. Clients also benefit from our own quality control measures that ensure our audit quality is first rate, timely, and meets your needs. Our financial statement audits should be viewed as a compliment to your operations and not a necessary evil as we are a separate but integral part of your team.

Not all Audit Engagements are created equally. While our team is trained to perform each Audit Engagement with top level skill, we specialize in the following unique audit forms as well:

+ Yellow Book Audit and Examinations
+ Third-Party Audit Preparations
+ Internal Audit Assistance and Outsourcing

Employee Benefit Audit Plan
We know and understand the Department of Labor’s regulations. We have many years’ experience auditing 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, defined contribution, and ESOP plans, meaning you receive quality analysis and lower internal costs. When dealing with the DOL, experience and quality of work matters, especially when dealing with ever-evolving rules and regulations. With the services of Crippen & Co., you can navigate these fiduciary challenges with ease, receiving clear explanations regarding your plans and their compliance with the laws. We can also assist with making sure your filings are handled in a timely manner, leaving you with the convenience and peace of mind that only Crippen & Co. can offer.

We offer the following Employee Benefit Plan Audit options:

+ Health & Welfare Plans
+ Retirement Plans
+ Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
+ ERISA compliance

We can also work with your organization to self-correct certain violations of the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) as encouraged by the Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program with the Department of Labor. We consult with businesses and other entities regularly regarding ERISA compliance and the acceptable methods for correcting past violations and avoiding future ones.

Agreed-Upon Procedures
Have you ever been told you need an audit? Has the Board of Directors asked for an audit? Is an audit your answer, or is something more specific suited to your needs? If your concerns pertain only to certain transactions or certain accounts, an Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement may be your answer. Crippen & Co. can assist in designing the engagement and procedures to meet your objectives, rather than performing an audit that may extend beyond your particular needs. We apply the same quality control measures used for our Audit and Assurance Engagements to our Agreed-Upon Procedure Engagements, and our knowledgeable team can save you time and money when compared to a traditional Audit and Assurance Engagement. Let our independence and credibility serve you and your organization in the most efficient manner possible.
Financial Statement Review
We apply the same quality control standards to our Financial Statement Review Engagements as we do to our Audit Engagements. Our Review Team will make logical inquiries, perform sophisticated analysis, and provide management with limited assurance that the financial statements are a proper reflection of your operations. While reviews may provide only limited assurance, Crippen & Co. will still strive to execute these engagements with the utmost quality and care, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your organization.
Management & Audit Committee Advisory Services
Once you’ve received your financial statements from an accounting team, are you often still left wondering where your organization’s money is best functioning? The team at Crippen & Co. can help interpret your data with a clear understanding of where cash flow is created, and assist in recognizing the trends of your finances with distinct terms and concepts. When you can plainly appreciate your organization’s financial picture, the raw data will allow you to then make informed decisions on the best way to grow and excel in your industry. We provide external audits and stay current with the changing accounting and disclosure standards, so we are understanding of the stress and demands of an external audit on your organization. Let us consult with management and committees to ensure you chose an adequate firm and are aware all of the responsibilities your committee will be assuming. We can also provide easy to understand commentary throughout the external audit to make sure your management and committees are prepared and knowledgeable. With Crippen & Co. on your side, the entire process will move much more smoothly and efficiently.
International Financial Reporting Standards Assistance
If your business operates on a global scale, it’s important that company accounts are understandable across international boundaries. Crippen & Co. knows how to utilize the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as a part of our financial reporting procedures, and can assist you with preparing your financial statements to function within this framework. International accounting and reporting standards can vary from the accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. Let us define and communicate the intricacies of reporting in global markets.

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