Sales Tax

Florida is one of 46 jurisdictions in the United States (45 states plus the District of Columbia) that impose a sales and use tax.

These taxes can be as high as 10% in some areas, and comprise a large chunk of a company’s tax burden. At Crippen & Co., our expert tax professionals can ensure your compliance with any jurisdiction that your business’s transactions may fall under, and help you set up the necessary accounts to process your sales taxes.

Our services don’t end there either. Once we get your business ready to collect and remit sales taxes, Crippen & Co. can prepare your sales tax returns for you, or offer you the training you need for you to prepare your returns yourself.

We can assist you in keeping accurate records, help you minimize your sales and use tax liabilities, and show you how to use exemption certificates. The experts at Crippen & Co. will help you develop and implement a sales tax compliance policy, saving you time and money.

We keep up with the complicated and ever-changing sales tax laws and their impact on your industry, and help you navigate these laws to reduce your risk in a sales tax audit. If you’re selling products in multiple states, you may have obligations for sales taxes that stretch beyond your local office. Many governmental authorities actively use sales tax audits to recover lost tax revenue, and complying with multiple jurisdictions’ regulations can leave companies facing potential penalties and interest if not adequately prepared for with an optimized strategy. Let our team at Crippen & Co. provide you with the answers to complex sales and use tax questions.

We tailor our sales tax services to your particular industry and its operating area, assuring your unique business avoids the potential pitfalls of audits and inquiries. We identify areas of exposure, keep you informed through standard and custom reports, and provide guidance, consultation, and additional support as needed.

Our team at Crippen & Co. can assist you with the following services:

  • Application for initial sales tax license
  • Application for Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption
  • Sales tax nexus determination
  • Sales and use tax training and consultation
  • Internal sales tax audits
  • Voluntary and amnesty disclosures
  • External audit representation

With Crippen & Co., sales and use tax issues are handled by a team you trust to ensure you comply with the laws. Discover why businesses of all sizes choose Crippen & Co. for their sales tax needs.

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